High gas prices

Ontario gas prices approach record high as election looms Ontario gas prices approach record high as election looms The high price of gasoline is a concern right now for many of Ontario's drivers and voters, giving it the potential to become an issue in the provincial election campaign. PC leader Doug Ford's promise to end cap and trade would take 4.

High gas prices

This is a laugh riot.


We hear in the news Notley is concerned about high gas prices in Alberta and might do something about it. Now Kenney, like most of us, is in favour of lower gas prices.

They hiked the tax and the gas price again this year.

We are paying even more than Trudeau wants. Remember when Notley suggested if Albertans wanted to lower the carbon tax they pay they could change their vehicle.


A rancher wrote this page and tried a little humour. But he wondered what the heck to do with the horse trailer. Later that same year, right before ChristmasNotley went further.

Why are gas prices in Canada suddenly so damned high? | National Post

You could get out of your car. You could take the bus … or walk. She never mentioned what to do with the horse trailer. The whole point of the carbon tax is to get Albertans to reduce carbon pollution from their cars and homes. This is Kenney lingo. The NDP comes to mind.

High gas prices

In the film, Rick, the Bogart character, owns a nightclub and gambling haunt. One night, the head of police, a Capt. He calls this ridiculous. You punish people for heating their homes, buying their groceries and driving to work and then you say the all-generous government will cut you a cheque.

High gas prices

Please vote for us. She says much of the gas price hike has nothing to do with the carbon tax. When asked about the fact carbon taxes are designed to make gas prices higher and get Albertans to use less gas, the premier says it is a matter of striking a balance.

She expects prices to go down as we head into winter but, as for future action, the premier is taking nothing off the table.

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An uncomfortable fact about higher gas prices is that they have a ripple effect throughout the economy, which ultimately affects the cost of clothing, food, furniture, appliances and automobiles.

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The Truth About Why Gas Prices Are Rising So High