An analysis of the stanzas of wreck of the edmund fitzgerald by gordon lightfoot

A certain amount of biographical and historical context is also offered, giving a context for the work itself. The authors of these critical articles are mostly teachers, scholars, and writers. Most have published books and articles in their field, and several are well-known writers of poetry or fiction as well as critics. As anyone glancing through this volume will see, they are held to the highest standards of good writing and sound scholarship.

An analysis of the stanzas of wreck of the edmund fitzgerald by gordon lightfoot

Interview 9 How long have you been playing? I am a video archivist of acoustic musicians and poets and have videoed many remarkable,but otherwise probably unrecorded musicians for my archive since the mid 's some are veiwable at my acoustcarchive youtube channel.

I have been recording things since my dear late old dad bought me a reel to reel tape recorder in I was age 7 he ran a wire out of the speakers from our hired TV and I used to record soundtracks from Cartoons another favourite was Friday night is music night with Leonard Sachs on BBC Radio.

In I bought my first VHS Video recorder and have been collecting TV programmes ever since good quality drama and documentaries are my main subject.

Gordon Lightfoot - The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald Lyrics Meaning

In I bought my first Sony camcorder in and enthused by working as I was in London's wonderful natural history museum I made masses of simple videos of visits to other most Natural history museums in South East England and Ireland where my poor dear late mother came from.

I have been strumming the guitar badly since and have never moved on from a few partial tunes my genius younger brother Mark who lives in Australia taught me,but I always had a liking for acoustic music and particularly country blues. So around the mid 's I started recording acoustic musicians and poets for my archive that was inspired by the great American folklorists John and Alan Lomax etc who recorded for posterity so many great immortals from the folk traditions as you will see from my acousticarchive youtube channel I have managed to record quite a few exceptional talents before as I have done move on to making my virtual movies of great poets and literary figures.

What was the first concert you ever went to? What gear do you use? My voice is my instrument as a poet,but I have set numerous great poems to my own original ambient music,and recorded 2 CD's with my elecro musical genius pal Wilpawa together we called ourselves Hyperbole My Music archive videos have been made using high 8 camcorders,with 2 good quality microphones the Audio Technica ATM 33A Mikes.


These days they have been digitalised and enhanced using a computer. My virtual movies of great poets are done using computer animation which synchronizes the lip movements with the voice. A few may use my voice,but the vast majority use either archive recordings of the poet themselves or recordings by actors from my extensive archive of recordings of poetry records and recordings in every other home format.

Many recordings I use are extremely rare. What are you looking for from Fandalism? To hopefully interest a few people in seeing my unique videos of some extraordinary acoustic musicians who might otherwise have gone unrecorded and my unique reincarnations of great poets reading their works via the wonders of computer animation as if they had been filmed by candle power.

Who was your biggest musical influence growing up? John Denver I love his music.

An analysis of the stanzas of wreck of the edmund fitzgerald by gordon lightfoot

He was a genius songwriter and performer. I can play a few of his songs very badly for my own amusement only on the guitar Are you in a band?

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Have you been in bands? Hyperbole - in the late 's I recorded 2 CD's of famous and my original poems set to music with my electro musical composer pal William Beatty from Cornwall aka Wilpawa If you could jam with anyone, who would it be?

My old Elektro musical maestro pal Wilpawa who composed the music on our 2 Hyperbole CD's Wilpawa is from Cornwall and his real name is William Beatty he comes from a long line of Cornish tin miners,though he missed working in them himself What's the biggest audience you ever performed to?

The internet audience via youtube You're stuck on a desert island and only get to bring one album with you. What do you pick?This poem, which is in a hundred and ninety-seven stanzas, divided into six cantos, contains much interesting matter of the autobiographical sort.

An analysis of the stanzas of wreck of the edmund fitzgerald by gordon lightfoot

Andrew W~ynton, author of " The Originale Cronykil," was a canon of St. Andrew's, and prior of St. Serf's, the monastery on the island in Loch Leven. transactional analysis basically supplanted freudian analysis. kurt vonnegut in the nytimes sd of berne's book, which is, y're right, still found everywhere, including university offices and thrift stores, 42 yrs after publication: "This is an important book -- if not to scientists, then to laypeople in their anguished need for simple.

The eight four-line stanzas would likely have been consolidated, with line spacing deleted, and sentences from all stanzas combined into actual paragraphs in order to better paraphrase them.

Lightfoot. Many chapters testify to the editor’s close research and familiarity with texts in Syriac and other eastern languages in the non-Greek world.

On the Syrian Goddess is a Latin work in the sub-dialect Ionic Greek style of Herodotus. too. · Fitzgerald contrasts Daisy with Jordan.

Daisy is _____, whereas Jordan _____. perhaps by stanzas or through dramatic shifts in thought, then create a clear sentence for each unit. If the poem has punctuation, break it into sentences to work your way through that way. A sharp insightful ending to a well-written analysis leaves a very.

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